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Whitebox Cocktails - made by bartenders and the best canned cocktails I've ever come across! Super conveniently sized can, diluted to perfection and punchy enough to put hairs on your chest!


Bright · Floral · Sour


Squeezy's Margarita


Single Serve · 100ml · 19% ABV


Tequila, Lime, Triple Sec, Salt


Squeezy’s is their homage to the classic margarita. A bright, tangy and sour cocktail from Mexico made with fresh lime, tequila and triple sec (orange liqueur).  Although suited to fun times and lively parties, few other cocktails feature in such a variety of occasions, making it most likely the world’s most popular cocktail.


Drink chilled from the can, or serve in a nick & nora or a coupe glass with a lime wedge garnish. For an added touch, wet the edge of the glass with the lime and roll the edge over salt.

Squeezy's Margarita

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